With the spiritual connection I have had since Day One in this lifetime, I have always had a deep, clear, and specific message for people enabling them to open their Chakra energy points and balance themselves once again for all around better communication, success and healing.

Here at Psychic of Manhattan New York City campus we stands proudly stating our education behind us, That we are the best and top of what we do. Psychic of Manhattan has multiple different license’s, certification’s, has read books, written essays, taken courses, or completed PhD programs that would have included writing a Master Thesis and a Doctoral Dissertation.

My core philosophy is to inspire and empower. To help you extract wisdom from the past, and focus on moving forward. That is, to make a shift from victim mentality to that of a co-creator. The former enforces restrictions and stagnation, the latter restores self-will and accountability. My approach is “holistic“. Awareness is achieved by adopting a wholistic approach to self-development, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Body awareness, includes diet, lifestyle, and physical regime.

Achieving Positive Transformation for Life Changing Results

Here at Psychic of Manhattan, I speak with your guardian angels and spirit guides to find you answers. With my spiritual guidance and intuitive insights you can trust you’ll be in the right hands. Allow me to take you through the rest of my website for information about how I can help you reach your personal goal and beyond!
Welcome, so here’s a brief bio just to get you started….I was born with the ability to speak with angels and spirit guides which enables me to have intuitive and divine insights guiding others in connecting with their personal angel or past loved one (spirit guides). It’s now been over 18 years since I have been using my abilities to help other others overcome negative blockages, heartbreak, abuse and confusion, find their personal life purpose and as a medium for spiritual connection with loved ones.

I have had this ability for many lifetimes and have been chosen once again in this lifetime, working my hardest to reach and help as many people as possible. In doing so I have dedicated much of my time to lecturing, speaker events, workshops, and radio, to educate and teach people the many ways they can heal, find love and be successful at whatever they desire. Within the rest of this site you will continue to find… the many ways I can help you, my own personal never before told story about my ability, testimonials. Examples of my work, and more information about my programs and life changing spiritual retreats. Plus much, much more so read on discover and grow in knowledge!
Through my psychic abilities, I can provide people the foresight they need to grow and flourish spiritually. I am here to help. As a widely respected Manhattan Psychic, my reputation is everything to me. I make it a point to keep all of my readings private. All information is kept between me and the client, so you can rest assured that you are in a safe and protected environment at all times.

I am a Manhattan Psychic that is committed to helping people regain their power, take back what belongs to them, and show them there is love that has been supporting them. I am here to teach others how your spirituality is real, and that intuition has never left your side. That your wishes, your prayers, and your thoughts have been heard, but if you are not listening or hearing them you may be too blocked, or maybe you have too much going on around you. I will teach you how to learn to connect, slow down, release, and receive.

We all seek our special purpose: I was blessed, even before birth, to know what mine was! Allow me, as a trained Manhattan psychic and medium, help you to find your higher purpose. While I have traveled the world, I have saved peoples’ lives by showing them and teaching them a higher spiritual awareness and level that surpasses their current state of knowing. The teachings I have brought back from my travels, whether from this lifetime or from the past are so ancient and so powerful I always have success..

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